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Electricity Lab: Exploring Circuits and Motors

Fifth graders enjoyed an electricity lab today in LEAP!  We explored positive and negative charges using batteries and motors.  Students learned the basic mechanics of using the battery as a power source and the ions and charges used to create power.  The electricity lab today will lay the foundation of understanding power in order to complete our next project, where we will be building wiggle bots!

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Field Trip! VA Living Museum

We had a fantastic time on our field trip!  We visited the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News.  We attended a special program for our class that was all about  life in the Chesapeake Bay.  We got to touch some sea creatures, view water samples through a microscope, and many other fun activities! It was a great day with lots of hands-on fun!  Many of the students got to see an up close view of living things we have been studying through our Google slides projects!

Life in the Chesapeake Bay Google Slides Project 

Today 5th graders used Google classroom to begin a research project on life in the Chesapeake Bay. Students researched living organisms and the food chain in the Chesapeake Bay , and are using Google Slides (similar to PowerPoint) to present their findings in an electronic format. Students used chrome books, and got a great start on this project! We are preparing for our field trip to the Virginia Living Museum on December 12th, where we will attend a program about Life in the Chesapeake Bay. 


The big day is finally here and our projects are complete and ready to present!

On November 1st, the Oyster Festival Education Day, the students were each responsible for an element of our booth.  As a class we transported our boats, iPads, robots, inflatable pool, air pump, extension cords, hoses, signs, repair kits, and towels from school to the bus to our exhibit.  Students worked together to set up our area, as well as clean up and pack up afterwards.  Each group spoke to different 4th grade classes, showed the posters they created, showed off their boats and how they work, and then demonstrated in the pool how they used the Sphero robots to power the oyster boats they built.  The 4th graders were very impressed with the boats and asked some great questions! I am very proud of how well our 5th graders pulled off this challenging project!

Getting ready for the big day!

Students continue to work hard on our preparations for the Oyster Festival Education Day.  Students have faced many challenges as their teams worked on this project.  I am proud of their problem-solving skills and the perseverance shown by all of the students.  Some groups tested, re-designed, tested, and re-designed their projects several times.  Students had to work with one another to communicate their ideas and compromise with their group members when it came  to implementing their ideas.  Students worked hard on practicing their presentation skills, as they had to design a poster and talk about their boats to several 4th grade groups at the Oyster Festival.  They also had to demonstrate how their boats worked on site for each group, so students prepared "boat repair" kits to take with us to Urbanna. Some students stayed after school, or came early to put the finishing touches on their boats!
Here we are making our final preparations: